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Director Today 2021

Director Today

January 2021

SPECIAL FEATURE - Three decades Journey of the Golden Peacock Awards

“As a person associated with the Institute of Directors for over two decades, I have watched with great interest in the growth of the ‘Golden Peacock Awards’ both in range & popularity and the great service it has rendered for the promotion of standards a

Director Today 2020

Director Today

December 2020

Strategic foresight in Boardroom will be the differentiating factor and key enabler for driving the future of Business beyond 2020:

Strategic foresight in Boardroom will be the differentiating factor and key enabler for driving the future of Business beyond 2020: Global Business Leaders & Experts concur at this year's IOD's Annual (Virtual) Directors' Conclave 2020 and also urge all o

Director Today

November 2020

India moving to a Gas-based Economy

The pandemic-period was an opportunity for learning and growth, Oil & Gas Board leaders cite during IOD's ‘Directors’ Dialogue Series’. Keynote Address was delivered by Mr. Tarun Kapoor, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of Indi

Director Today

January 2020

Corporate Governance is going to play a key role in driving towards a USD 5 Trillion Economy.

FDI flow will be a major factor which is linked to ease of doing business and corporate governance of global benchmark.

Director Today 2019

Director Today

November 2019

2019 London Global Convention on CG & Sustainability

2019 London Global Convention on CG & Sus to discuss & deliberate sound corporate governance practices and strategies for Sustainability in the Boardroom, and draft a road map for accelerating Board Effectiveness.

Director Today

October 2019

New Focus on Soft Skills

The topic of skills development is a fundamental, and non-negotiable issue and action is needed now. Investing in the skills, for transition to a sustainable economy is the best preparation for a successful future.

Director Today

September 2019

Board Governance is key to wealth creation

Board Directors and Board Experts came together in Delhi to discuss on 'Future Boards & Reshaping Board's Strategy' at the IOD's Annual Directors Conclave and also on its 29th IOD Annual Day.

Director Today 2018

Director Today

December 2018

Company's Enterprise Risk Management

Company's Enterprise Risk Management runs across it's both 'risk identification and mitigation' and 'exploitation of opportunity'.

Director Today

November 2018

The Weaker Boards are getting exposed when faced with Economic Headwinds

Emerging technology is going to revolutionize everything from financial system, property registries, to contract law and corporate sustainability.

Director Today

October 2018

Technology - A Business Enabler

Emerging Technologies, such as mobile communication, cloud computing, digitization, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (IT), Data Analytics, Internet of Things, and blockchain are changing the way work is done, and workplace organized.

Director Today 2017

Director Today

December 2017

Building an Ethical & Risk Resilient Enterprise

India, as the fastest growing major economy, the country has tremendous potential to use opportunities around the world for companies to source in India and for India companies to sell abroad.

Director Today

November 2017

17th London Global Convention, 2017

IOD, India organised the 17th London Global Convention, 2017 on Corporate Governance and Sustainability with the theme: “The Board: Emerging Issues of Corporate Governance and Sustainability Challenges”. Golden Peacock Award for Leadership: Mr. N. Chandra

Director Today

October 2017

Business has changed as never before.

Today, Corporate Boards have moved away from a Rubber Stamp to a Strategy Oriented monitoring organisation.